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Honda or Toyota, which is better for an 19 yr old.?

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Im thinking of getting my first car to drive to and from uni and into the city. I like modern clean design, good engine and fuel efficiency is at its best. Plus decent safety features, and easily available body tuning. Which is better: Honda Civic (2008-Hybrid) or Toyota Corolla Altis (2008) OR Honda Accord (2008) or Toyota Camry (2008)
I would recommend one to try this website where you can compare rates from different companies:
What is the least expensive bike insurance in Colorado or L A?
Is it cheaper to utilize a vehicle or bike in terms of insurance and gas-saving? I am new-to US. I'd like a dependable answer please.

How to get insurance in florida for a used-car?
I ordered a car in market in florida, I filled-up types for registration and settled the fee there, But the vehicle is not insured, What can I do to have the vehicle insured, could it be authorized to operate a vehicle without insurance in california?"

Car-insurance and global driver 's permit?
Hello, I want to learn whether or not it's feasible to obtain auto insurance should younot have an driver's certificate, and get an automobile in the USA... I merely have a French driver's license and a worldwide driver's license. Might you please inform me howmuch does approximately price for would to auto insurance year? Many thanks very much ahead of time."

How can Americans with chronic health conditions that are critical get medical insurance that includes all med. expenses?
How do Americans with considerable chronic health conditions get medical care insurance that covers all med. Costs?

Insurance issue: Will my medical statement be lined?
So, I've a bike and fell on it as a result of surprise front tire blow-out. I do not possess bike insurance or an M1 certificate. I'm wonderful so when i fell I picked my bike up and had my pal pull me home. No experts were concerned. I check out visit the IM. I went and informed them from me dropping on a motorcycle it was. They did not ask any concerns in terms of my motorcycle references. My issue is; will my insurance buy my hospital visit? Or can they verify and find out if I'm even certified to experience a motorcycle. And when they see that I'm not certified may they not pay for my statement?"

"I'm 66 years old, may I get medical health insurance??? How about medicare??? dan I proceed?"
I'm 66 years-old, can I get healthinsurance??? What about medicare??? dan I proceed?"

Just how much I motorcycle insurance in mass?
I had been wonder in how much it would be to cover a bike in size? I know there is a large amount of aspects from what the price will be. I simply need a rough estimation. Many thanks

What's the lowest priced uk motorcycle insurance company?
... Am 19 in i wanna start driving legally i and 1-hour xD got one other elements performed i just need inexpensive insurance guidelines, inform me please uk only"

Car-insurance helpp!!?
Do you have to become over the era of 21 to not be unable to drive the car of another person by yourself insurance plan, if that vehicle has insurance as well as the driver gives your permission. It says on my policy that I - can have herd multiple instances that you need to be over 21. Im with Co-Op. Cheers."

Car-insurance concern for small individuals?
So i cant carry on hers im gonna be 17, insurance for me personally is gonna be 500, 6, my mum does not generate. Could this work; could i get my mummy a provisional licence, get her protected for my vehicle, then could i push it, its 5000 cheaper on her to do it, could that not be illegal, once you learn the reason."

Howmuch typically does a 34'-36' sailboat cost? Think about insurance rates approximately?
Just how much on-average does a 34'-36' sailboat cost? Think about insurance rates roughly?

Regular insurance to get a Mustang?
I'm a 17-year old guy and was thinking what the regular insurance could be over a mustang? If there will be a particular years type the cheapest article that to please, and if you understand?"

Auto Insurance? You don't want it?
State for example the manager of a vehicle allowed it to be driven by one, and you accidentally ruined acar or viceversa, can you must purchase the damage or might the homeowners protection plans an accidents that or the automobile happen to the driver? thanks"

Howmuch would insurance be with this vehicle for a 17-year old?
Photo /oBPkdUi.jpg

Gieco auto insurance $$$ for brand new individuals?
Iam turning 16 real soon but with these new guidelines i wont manage to travel till I'm 17, but anyway Iam keeping for a vehicle possibly like 2k-3.5k array....ive previously saved-up 1k but i was wondering how much i should save upto buy insurance and gasoline. (im a man, n- average in school, ill be purchasing a sedan, I reside in CT if that helps) thanks....if u may only give me a broad cost range that might be wonderful i just have no idea how much it's."

Which car insurances?
alright 21 years of age and looking for a auto insurance that cheapest in Oregon state, and I am contemplating between these three, progressive state farm and Geico, which one could be the cheapest of these and tell me the lowest priced auto-insurance any body recognize for my age and I am a guy thanks"

"Does it charge to incorporate another, if you already have insurance on vehicles?"
I already have insurance through my parents and Iam contemplating investing in a vehicle for myself (Iam 19 as well as in university, I've work) Does it cost more so as to add another vehicle onto their insurance plan?"

Motor insurance class 9 charge for 1.4 17yr old driver?
Hi guys!:] needed a rough estimation of just how much this insurance could charge? Into finding a Peugeot 206 1.4LX, looking. Many thanks in advance!"

What's automobile insurance?
Could anybody explain what's car insurance?

"Their insurance rates with state park increases if I got a speeding ticket in my own parents car?"
I acquired a speeding ticket, driving dadis auto, their insurance charges will be damaged at all?"

Car Insurance! I dont have it!?
I dont know how it operates, i have searched online for many estimates for a Proton Persona 1996, insurance class 12 and that I get these benefits. Annual Premium 1800 total excess more"

Does anyone know where-to get cheap auto-insurance for a old?
Does anyone know where to get inexpensive automobile insurance for a old?

How to get birthcontrol for inexpensive without medical or insurance card!?
so i'm 20 years old turning 21 in of a couple months in Illinois and i recently became sexually-active like 3 months ago... I'm worried about pregnancy so i thought about the capsule but i don't have no card and health care insurance to pay for it. Does anyone know much the product is and how much the initial quiz is!? Or where i can get get support paying for these things?!

When buying a car what detirmines cheap insurance is likely to be?
I am currently buying new car and am trying to get the best rate for insurance what functions detract from insurance charges or add to many thanks

Average insurance rates?
Im carrying out a task for Health and I cant find typical insurance rates for a 19-year old gentleman. I want Handicap and Life Medical. HELP! or Toyota, which is better for an 19 yr old.?
Im thinking of getting my first car to drive to and from uni and into the city. I like modern clean design, good engine and fuel efficiency is at its best. Plus decent safety features, and easily available body tuning. Which is better: Honda Civic (2008-Hybrid) or Toyota Corolla Altis (2008) OR Honda Accord (2008) or Toyota Camry (2008)
I would recommend one to try this website where you can compare rates from different companies:
I need help obtaining an inexpensive medical health insurance program!! I'm a young person!?
I want help locating an inexpensive medical insurance plan!! I'm a adult! I currently am 20. Full-coverage. I am a foster youth. Being a former foster care youth I get medicaid till I'm 21. I flip 21 in October...I would like some kind of medical insurance program that is inexpensive. ADHD medicine is taken by me, it surely works and helps me concentrate. My work ethic has increased DRAMATICALLY, and that I can actually target. Its wonderful, I'm going to begin school and am concerned I am no further likely to not be unable to get this ADHD medicine. I support myself for your most part, and no, I can't be on my guardian's health insurance. I create 000 per year, about 16, and pay 50% of rent plus some payments etc. medium need to locate a medical insurance plan that Whether. Will pay for N, or all my my 198.00 per month prescrption price. Purchase most of it. Can somebody help out me? Strong me to any insurance company you realize which will help me? Thanks so much. And please.real responses. Thankyou to your occasion!"

I need to maintain the cost reduced as you can and would like insurance on my auto?
Could it be alright to cut right out the no-claims safety or is that this essential, I have over 10 years, is there some other way to keep it minimal. Cheers"

What firm offer cheap life insurance?
What corporation supply cheap life insurance?

What's inexpensive auto insurance for a new driver?
I'm a driver and that I require insurance for a Vehicle Grand Cherokee 2000. I'm a student and that I need cheap insurance

Where do I buy auto insurance online india?
I wish to buy auto insurance online.Where do i get?

Car Insurance for a friend?
I have a PAL (single-mom of 2) and he or she has to get cheap car insurance on her behalf ford explore. She let it lapse for a few months and today her financial institution desires to repo her car, even though she's created every car payment. (she rents her auto)...(somewhat like rent to own) She got a quotation from my agent, nonetheless it would definitely be way too much on her. Since she owes around the automobile she's to possess full-coverage I am guessing. And may only manage less than $100.00 per month onto it. She's a tenant, she it has poor credit, and is currently planning to school. What are the firms out-there that she can get a great deal or at least get insurance for re-apply and six months with a company that is better?? The only person I've found out there is the And so they seem to be fine...but I-donot know what options that are other she's. Thanks for looking over this!! 10 points to the best response!!"

Insurance Question/Price?
Our name is Chris and my grandmother desires to promote me is 2004 V6 nissan 350z for like next to nothing as to how much my insurance fee will be, but i am curious?"

Motorcycle insurance price 1202 (UK)!?
Could somebody please allow me to realize as to the reasons my motorcycle quote is so high? I'm have lately passed my CBT and not 18 years young. The bike I am getting is really a 2009 YZF-R125 having a value of 3000. A CBR125, our friends motorcycle costs him around the 400 per-year level. I donot recognize it... Thanks for almost any replies."

Just how much have you been spending auto insurance NJ?
I simply want to know, please reply with just how much, every six months? age? And any? My mommy and I are currently spending 2000$ 6 months, we both have had harmful function within our records that were driving. Does that sound sensible to you? I am attempting to recognize and not genuinely old to this auto insurance. thanks"

Inform me about your motorcycle insurance.?
I'd like to complete a quick survey: how much can you spend; which kind of bike; your actual age and spot? who would you purchase from?

Finest health insurance?
I am my fiance and students and that I don't have medical health insurance. I am trying to find the one that addresses vision doc. dentist, and particularly dermatologist although the main one offered at my faculty is simply for issues only. what can you propose...a thing that doesn't have an enormous deductible. pricing?"

Is it feasible to provide auto insurance benefits to my boyfriend?
Next week, im going out of the nation, I'll not come back until january's first few days. My partner is currently staying in my home and he's no method of transportation. (He's 20 years old, and his vehicle entirely smashed down--our area is Dallas TX.) I was wondering if it had been feasible to incorporate him under my father's motor insurance program, with him being truly a non-member of the family. ANY data is effective. Please, no foolish remarks as this can be to us of relevance."

Everyone know where you can get worldwide health insurance that is affordable?
Where I will get some decent health coverage to include me during my overseas journeys, I am wondering. Does anyone know where-to seek out this stuff? Please supply if you have them websites and phone #is. Thank you."

Simply how much does it cost to PRESERVE acar like range rover?
ive never had a car, but i know that expensive automobiles are also costly to PRESERVE, with the insurance, gas, and idk what else, (if u may list it that be wonderful too) so just how much does it charge to keep a car like range rover (per month)?"

What is the lowest priced/greatest insurance for a old pupil/ stayathome mommy?
My 3month is included under medicaid, but I need help obtaining an inexpensive insurance for myself. We CAn't afford that at the moment, however it would be $200 a search for him to incorporate me although his work covers my fiance for free."

How much is motor insurance to get a 16 year old?
It's a 1998 toyota discovered engine 2wd. I bought it . About howmuch is per month it currently planning to cost for insurance. my parents have state park"

What Insurance Should I Find?
Im Getting my license in two months and im saving to get a 1977 f-250 ranger, i also require insurance. Whats the most affordable and cheapest insurance for a teen?"

Needing to find insurance/medicade/health care that can help an old-man that dosent have any.?
My parents attempting to assist him by getting him on her health insurance, nonetheless it appears like the way to do that is by marriage and he or she definitely doesnt wish to marry the person. Searching for... show"

Who supplies the cheapest car insurance in the Uk?
Okay also have have now been operating for 4 years and im 22 years old. Only 1 collision 3 years ago. Just got my renewal notice through the post. It's removed from 56 to 81. Whats the point in a NO-CLAIMS REWARD?

Just how much does an insurance for a coach charge about?
The price could be each year for a 40ft or to get 60ft bus that is diesel. I need the knowledge for a life-cycle cost-analysis. Any information is likely to be helpful. thanks

Can my insurance policy my car?
I visited the mall to search for one hour or so and arrived to my auto to seek out someone had crashed into the buttocks of my auto and quit without leaving any information. I created a police survey but im waiting to record it to my broker/company. will i be protected whatsoever? No accident insurance i reside in Florida, although i estimate the damage at $1500 I've unisured and detailed driver insurance"

"For me to obtain wear my parents insurance, howmuch would it not charge?"
I'm 18 and wanting to get my licence shortly. Her partner, my mom, and his daughter are on the same insurance. They've Nationwide. But I don't possess a car yet, and so I'd be operating stepdads automobile & my mom. About how precisely much do you consider it would cost?"

People who just work at ALLSTATE INSURANCE IN FLORIDA?
What time of the month does one get your wage? The start or even the end-of the month?

Howmuch is regular insurance for someone under 18 that buys a 2006 BMW 325i e90?
This really is one among my favorite e90 automobiles, that is clearly a 4-door, if Iam under-18, howmuch might insurance be? If not better, just how much IS THE insurance?"

Where may I find my partner affordable medical insurance so that she might stop function and begin her own business?
She's a teachers aide has retired operates b/h she won't have insurance is she stops."

Honda or Toyota, which is better for an 19 yr old.?
Im thinking of getting my first car to drive to and from uni and into the city. I like modern clean design, good engine and fuel efficiency is at its best. Plus decent safety features, and easily available body tuning. Which is better: Honda Civic (2008-Hybrid) or Toyota Corolla Altis (2008) OR Honda Accord (2008) or Toyota Camry (2008)
I would recommend one to try this website where you can compare rates from different companies:

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